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By using the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and to use the Site in accordance with these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy and any additional terms and conditions that may apply to specific sections of the Site or to products and services available through the Site or from Guitarbreakout.com

Accessing the Site, in any manner, whether automated or otherwise, constitutes use of the Site and your agreement to be bound by these Terms of Service.



This website is owned and operated by Guitarbreakout.com, a business in the UK, having its registered office at 13 Springfield Gardens, Gnosall, Stafford, ST20 0FG. United Kingdom.

(“Guitarbreakout“ “we” or “us”). You can also contact us by email at


1. Object

GuitarBreakout offers you, as a Member, access to a database of Materials

(including, among other things, but not limited to online guitar lessons, resources, forums)

accessible at Guitarbreakout.com (“Website”), which as a Member, you can access at your convenience. (subject to payment of one-time payment or applicable Subscription fees).

These T&Cs govern your access to and use of the Website and its Services. By using the Website, you unreservedly accept all of these terms and conditions.

In order to open an account on this Website, you must check a box and confirm Your acceptance of these T&Cs constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and Guitarbreakout.com.

Please read the following carefully. If you do not accept these T&Cs, do not use the Website. We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any moment by publishing an upgraded edition on this webpage and informing you prior to the revised Terms and Conditions becoming effective.

To improve customer experience, we may also modify, without prior notice, a few services or content of our Website, as well as its structure and design.

2. Definitions

Definitions In this document:

The term "Account" refers to the personal account that you create upon becoming a member of the online guitar lessons platform.

The "Website" grants you access to the Services provided.

"Applicable Laws" holds the meaning ascribed to it in Section 14 of this document.

The "Customer Area" is a dedicated and personalized space where you can access the Services and store your guitar lesson materials.

The term "Member" encompasses both individuals and legal entities who hold an Account on the Website.

"Materials" include all the guitar lesson resources, instructional materials, guidance notes, and other documents made available to Members on the Website.

The "Services" encompass all the products, content, features, technologies, and functions provided by us through the Website, including but not limited to the guitar lesson materials, the storage of materials, and the access to the Services.

The terms "Subscription" refers to the subscription plans and arrangements described in Section 6 of this document.

"Storage" and "Store" denote the service of storing guitar lesson materials on the Website.

3. Opening an Account/Placing an order

A. Conditions

By placing an Order for courses or Subscriptions through the Service, you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into binding contracts.

**If applicable, you must have authority to bind the company you represent.

Age restrictions apply: Guitar Breakout does not permit those under 18 to use the Service. We do our best to restrict access to our sites, products and services to minors. Even if the content of our products and services is not of a shocking nature, we prefer to target a mature audience capable of understanding the implications and responsibilities of the business world.

Any subscriber who does not meet these criteria will be deleted from our database as soon as this is brought to our attention. Likewise, any customer who does not meet these criteria will be reimbursed immediately and a return of the product(s) concerned will be required.

You confirm that you have the authority to bind any business or entity whose behalf you are acting and you can use the Services on behalf of a business or entity, and the business or entity accepts these Terms and Conditions.

B. Creating an Account

The Website allows Members to register and then have access to the Services.

You cannot view the Materials if you are not registered, nor access the guitar lessons or resources without first opening an Account and

becoming a Member or paying a one-time payment to access a specific course. Notwithstanding any free resources available.

To create your Account, you have to pay a one-time payment fee for a specific course or pay a monthly Subscription, then complete the mandatory fields in the registration form (by giving your surname, first name, and email) and we will send you a password via email.

Furthermore, you must have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

Our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy explain our online information practices.

How your information is collected and how you can control it on this Website.

C. Accuracy of Account Information

In your Account, you warrant that you have provided accurate and true information and that you will update it, as needed. In the event that we believe the details are incorrect, current, or complete, we have the right to refuse you access to the website, or

any of the Services and to terminate or suspend your Account.

D. Password

You agree that your Account contains true information, and

that you will update it, as needed. If we conclude the details could not be correct, current, or complete, we have the right to refuse you access to the website, or any of the Services and to terminate or suspend your Account.

4. Services

The Website functions as an online platform where we offer online guitar lessons and provide access to a wide range of learning materials and resources. As a member:

You can create a personalized Customer Area on the Website, which allows you to conveniently access the available materials. As a one-time payment customer for a course, you can access the course you have paid for.

You have the ability to explore and utilize the provided learning materials to enhance your guitar skills.

You can engage in communication and exchange with GuitarBreakout.com through email and chat, enabling you to seek assistance and interact with our team.

5. Website Rules of Conduct for Members

There are certain rules that apply to Members. When using our Website, you agree:

not to infringe the rights and image of Guitarbreakout.com and its affiliated entities, including their intellectual property rights;

not to infringe the rights and images of any party holding rights in the Materials, such as their intellectual property rights;

It is forbidden to open an Account in the name of anyone other than yourself; not to use any device, software or whose object is intended to damage, other elements or likely to interrupt the proper operation of the Website,

Including but not limited to engaging in actions that disrupt, capture, or seize control of any system, data, or personal information, and in a broader sense, refraining from behaving in a manner that infringes upon the Applicable Law(s) or contravenes these Terms and Conditions.

6. Payment of One Time Fees or Subscriptions

To access the Services, you must pay either the one-time fee to access the specific course or the amount of the monthly subscription for Services (the “Subscription”), or only the amount of the trial offer, as described on the Website if and when a trial offer is available. The prices of Subscriptions are indicated on the Website (VAT and all other taxes included) and they take into account the amount of VAT applicable on the day of payment of the Subscription.

Any Monthly Subscription to the Services will continue for an indefinite period from the date of Subscription. A Monthly Subscription is cancellable at any time.

Guitarbreakout.com reserves the right to change the amount of the Subscription or of any trial offer. However, the price applied to an order will be the one stated at the time of the order. We will notify you of such a change at least 10 days before the end of your Subscription period, and you will then have the freedom to not renew your Subscription.

The Subscription and any trial offer fees are payable in advance, and

The payment method indicated on the Website will be automatically charged. In the event of non-payment, GuitarBreakout.com will present the payment again and, in the event of further non-payment, will be able to terminate the Services promptly and without remuneration, while preserving the entitlement to make a claim.

Payment for any amounts due and indemnification for damages from you suffered by Guitarbreakout.com as a result of such non-payment.

Payment is due immediately on the date of the order, this includes pre-order products.

Payment can be made through any of the payment methods we have available, such as Visa, MasterCard, Affinity Card, American Express cards or online payment methods (PayPal, for example).

Payment cards (credit cards or debit cards) are subject to validation checks and authorization by your card issuer. If we do not receive the required authorization, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery of your order.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

A. Intellectual Property Rights of Website content

The proprietary software (including the online guitar lessons, training videos and resources and the Customer

Area), the Materials and the other materials on the Website, including

copyright, logos, trademarks, trade names, images, text, illustrations, audio,

video files, data files, program files, and codes as well as the selection,

coordination and arrangement of such materials, (whether registered or

Patents and trademarks are protected by copyright, patent law, and trademark law.

(“IP Rights”). These IP Rights are either owned by us or owned by third parties who

have licensed their IP Rights to us.It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, copy,

modify or otherwise manipulate any content on the Website, in whole or in part.

The use or misuse of the IP Rights, except as permitted in these T&C’s, is

prohibited. .By becoming a Member, subject to these T&Cs relating to the

owners of the IP Rights (see below), and only to the extent it is able to do so,

Guitarbreakout.com grants you a non-exclusive, revocable, personal and non transferable license, to use the Website and the IP Rights, worldwide, for your

personal and private use only, on a non-commercial basis and in compliance

with these T&C’s.

The license granted to you will terminate when you cease to be a Member

and/or in case of improper use of the Website and/or the Services.

All new versions, updates or changes to our Website, Services or related

content shall be subject to these T&Cs. Guitarbreakout.com reserves all rights not

expressly covered by these T&Cs.

In no event may use of the Website and access to the Materials permit you to

A person who reproduces, publicly disseminates, transfers, sells, rents, or lends these works in part or in full

wholly, or to make available, other than in accordance with these T&Cs, the contents of the Website including the Materials.

Guitarbreakout.com and its affiliates do not claim, either for you, any third party, or themselves, ownership of any IP Rights in the Materials owned by third parties.

B. Use of Your Content

You retain your rights to any content or information that you submit, post or display on or through the Website including account information, reviews, responses, profile entries, posts, questions, or any other information you provide (“Your Content”). Upon submitting, uploading, posting, or presenting such content, you confer upon us a global, non-exclusive, cost-free license (with the privilege to grant sublicenses) to handle, adjust, replicate, publish, transmit, employ, reproduce, modify, exhibit, and distribute Your Content across all media platforms or through any distribution outlets (both presently recognized or subsequently established), in accordance with the relevant provisions outlined in our Privacy Policy.

You warrant that Your Content is not and will not infringe rights of any third parties and that you have the necessary authority, rights, and power to satisfy your obligations with regard to Your Content under these T&Cs.

In the event that you suspect a violation of your intellectual property rights, kindly reach out to us for further assistance.

You bear the responsibility for the utilization of Your Content and any ensuing outcomes, including the consequences that may arise from the utilization of Your Content by other users or third parties. We do not assume responsibility or liability for the utilization of Your Content, as well as the utilization of any content or information submitted or posted by other Members or visitors.

GuitarBreakout.com’s online guitar lesson services facilitate the posting of Your Content

on various third-party sites with your prior request and consent. You agree that Guitarbreakout.com may use proprietary

web-based information-gathering tools to create a personalised profile for you if you sign up for this service. You further agree to the interpretation and wording of your information for purposes of providing online guitar lessons will

be in Guitarbreakout.com’s sole discretion and Guitarbreakout.com will not be liable for any decisions to not include, include or phrase information about you. Additionally, you recognize and consent that you will assume complete accountability and hold personal liability for any outcomes that result from your engagement with the online guitar lessons.

8. Role of Guitarbreakout.com/ Limitation of liability

Guitarbreakout.com does make any representations not warrant regarding the use of the Services and the Materials in terms of their accuracy, correction, reliability, or otherwise or that the Website will not infringe the rights of third parties and Guitarbreakout.com assumes zero responsibility or liability for errors or omissions in such Materials. In the event that the Applicable Laws prohibit the omission of certain or all implied conditions and warranties mentioned above, then those exclusions will solely be applicable to you to the extent permitted by the relevant laws. Please note that your utilization of this Website is undertaken at your own discretion and risk.The Website, the Services, the Materials and other information, software, facilities, services and other content in the site are provided “as available”and “as is” without conditions or warranties of any kind, either express or implied. To the fullest extent possible

pursuant to applicable law, Guitarbreakout.com disclaims all warranties and conditions, express or implied including, but not limited to, conditions of in respect of fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement, or satisfactory quality,.

Guitarbreakout.com asserts no liability, whether contractual, tortious, or otherwise, and assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage (whether direct, indirect, punitive, consequential, or otherwise) arising from the utilization or misuse of the Website, the Services, or the Materials, regardless of the legal grounds for claiming liability. In the event that the Applicable Laws do not permit the full or partial application of the aforementioned limitation of liability, said limitations will be enforceable only to the extent allowed by the applicable law.

Nothing in this agreement shall exclude or limit liability for death, personal injury or fraud.

9. Cancellation Policy ­

Account suspension, restrictions of access and termination;

You can at any time terminate your contractual relationship with Guitarbreakout.com and terminate your Subscription or access to the services by closing your Account in your Customer

Area or by notifying our customer services team by email at support@guitarbreakout.com. The termination takes

Immediate effect or at our soonest opportunity if processed manually by the customer services team and your Subscription will automatically terminate. You will not be entitled to any refund for any amounts paid for a Subscription relating to the period after termination of your Account.

If you breach any of these Terms and Conditions or if we have genuine reason to believe that the integrity and of Guitarbreakout.com, its Members, or third parties are at any risk, we reserve the absolute right to immediately terminate your account, your access and these Terms & Conditions binding you and GuitarBreakout.com and to close your Account.

In situations requiring such action, you will receive notification of the necessary steps to allow you to respond promptly on our part. GuitarBreakout.com will decide, at its sole discretion, whether to lift the measures put in place. GuitarBreakout.com is not obligated to provide elaborate justifications for its decision.

10. Your Information & Personal Data

We are able to collect and process some of your personal data during the use of this Website and by registering as a Member, you accept and acknowledge the processing of your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If You wish to place an Order for Products available on the Service, you may be asked to supply certain information relevant to your Order including, without limitation, your name, your email, your phone number, your credit card number, the expiration date of your credit card, your billing address.

You represent and warrant that: (i) You have the legal right to use any credit or debit card(s) or any other payment method(s) in connection with any Order; and that (ii) the information you supply to us is true, correct and complete.

By submitting such information, you grant us the right to provide the information to payment processing third parties for purposes of facilitating the completion of your order.

11. Operation, availability and functionalities of the platform.

We will make every effort within our capabilities to ensure uninterrupted access to the Website.

However, access to the Website or the use of certain features may be

Disrupted or suspended without notice, due to technical maintenance, migrations, enhancements, or network-related limitations or interruptions, access to the website may be temporarily affected or interrupted.

We reserve the right to suspend or modify all or part of your access to the Website or its features, at our sole discretion, temporarily or permanently.

12. Hyperlinks

Our Website may contain links to other websites. We do not control those websites and are not responsible for their content. By including these links, we are in no way Expressing support for the content on those websites or suggesting any affiliation with them.

13. Modification of the T&Cs

These Terms and Conditions, along with the referenced documents, collectively encompass the entirety of the agreement. between you and Guitarbreakout.com relating to your use of the Website

and the Services. Guitarbreakout.com reserves the right to revise these T&Cs in order to align with technological advancements, commercial circumstances, and to adhere to Applicable Laws and regulatory requirements. Any amendments to these T&Cs will be publicly disclosed on the Website, along with the effective date, and if significant changes are made, you will receive prior notification from Guitarbreakout.com before the modifications become effective.

14. Refund policy and right of withdrawal

No refund request of a Subscription or One-Time Payment is permitted if received after the expiration of a period of thirty (30) days from the first Subscription or One-Time Payment for the Services.

Refund requests made within a thirty (30) day period prior to expiration can be submitted through our customer support department via phone or email or the contact us page. Our dedicated team will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours, and the refund process will be completed within 72 hours.

15. Applicable Laws and dispute resolution

These Terms and Conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, without disregarding the application of specific regulations pertaining to (i) general conflict of laws principles, and (ii) consumer protection laws of the country from which you access the Services (referred to as the "Applicable Laws"). In the event that mediation fails to resolve a dispute, you consent to submit all disputes to the jurisdiction of the courts of England & Wales. Additionally, GuitarBreakout.com reserves the right, depending on the nature of the dispute, to initiate legal proceedings in the courts of your country of residence or, if these T&Cs are entered into within the scope of your trade or profession, in the country of your primary business location.

Effective Date: 10/07/23.

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